8 DIY Home Staging Tips

8 DIY Home Staging Tips

Home staging is an essential part of selling your home. It's about creating an inviting atmosphere that allows potential buyers to envision themselves living in your space. While professional staging can be effective, it's also possible to achieve remarkable results with DIY home staging tips. By applying a few simple strategies, you can make your home more appealing to buyers, often speeding up the sale process and potentially increasing the sale price. In this blog, we'll explore several DIY home staging tips anyone can implement.

Before Staging

Declutter and Depersonalize

Decluttering and depersonalizing is often the most transformative step in home staging. It involves removing personal items like family photographs, personal mementos, and unique decorations that reflect your personal taste. The goal is to create a blank canvas that allows potential buyers to imagine their own lives and belongings in the space.

When decluttering, focus on each room individually. Remove excess furniture and organize bookshelves, closets, and cabinets. Remember, potential buyers will look everywhere! The less clutter, the more spacious and inviting each room will appear. Depersonalizing also extends to neutralizing the décor. This might mean replacing bold or unique wallpaper with something more neutral or taking down eccentric artwork.

Keep It Clean

A thoroughly clean home is non-negotiable when it comes to staging. Every surface, from floors to ceilings, should be spotless. Pay special attention to areas that might get overlooked in regular cleaning, like baseboards, window sills, and light fixtures. Carpets should be professionally cleaned, and hardwood floors should shine. Pay extra attention to grout, appliances, and fixtures in the kitchen and bathrooms. A clean home looks more appealing and sends a message to buyers that the property has been well cared for.

1. Enhance Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is crucial because it sets the buyer’s first impression. Enhancing curb appeal means making sure the exterior of your home looks as inviting and cared for as the interior. Start with basic landscaping, such as mowing the lawn, trimming hedges, weeding garden beds, and planting colorful flowers. Ensure the walkways and driveways are clean and in good repair.

The front door can be a focal point, so consider giving it a fresh coat of paint in a welcoming color. Updating exterior lighting fixtures and adding a few tasteful porch or garden decorations can also enhance the overall appeal. Small touches, like a new doormat or clean, bright house numbers, can make a significant difference. Remember, you're not just selling a house; you're selling the idea of a home.

2.  Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint

Applying a fresh coat of paint is one of the most cost-effective ways to transform your home. Over time, paint can become dull, chipped, or just outdated. Fresh paint revitalizes a room and makes everything look clean and new.

When selecting paint colors, opt for neutrals like whites, light grays, or soft beiges. These colors appeal to a broader range of buyers and make spaces appear larger and more open. Neutral colors also provide a versatile backdrop that allows buyers to imagine their own furniture and decor in the space.

Don't forget about trim, doors, and ceilings. Though often overlooked, these areas can show wear and tear more than walls. A fresh coat of white paint on trim and doors can make a room pop, and a clean, white ceiling can make a room feel brighter and taller.

3. Rearrange Furniture

Rearranging furniture is a powerful staging tool that can change the entire feel of a room. The objective is to showcase the space in a way that highlights its functionality and maximizes its size. Start by evaluating each room and removing any furniture that interrupts the natural flow or makes the space feel crowded. This might involve moving out oversized pieces or excess items that don’t contribute to the room’s primary function.

In the living room, arrange the seating to foster conversation and comfort, perhaps around a focal point like a fireplace or a window with a view. Ensure there’s enough space to move around easily. In the bedroom, the bed should be the central focus, ideally placed where it’s visible but not in the direct line of the door. The arrangement should feel inviting and peaceful.

4. Update Lighting

Lighting plays a critical role in setting the mood and atmosphere of your home. Good lighting can make a room feel more spacious and inviting. Start by maximizing natural light wherever possible. Open curtains and blinds, and clean windows to let in as much daylight as possible.

Next, evaluate the artificial lighting in each room. Replace any dated or dim fixtures with modern, bright ones. Consider the type of lighting as well: ambient (general) lighting for overall illumination, task lighting for specific activities like reading or cooking, and accent lighting to highlight architectural features or artwork.

Adding floor or table lamps can help brighten dark corners and create a warm, layered lighting effect. Ensure each room has a mix of lighting types to enhance its appeal and functionality.

5. Accessorize Wisely

Accessories can add the finishing touches to your staging efforts, but it’s essential to use them judiciously. The key is to enhance the space without making it feel cluttered. Choose high-impact items like artwork, vases, or decorative pillows to add color and texture to a room.

When accessorizing, consider the scale and color palette. Items should be proportionate to the room and furniture size. Stick to a cohesive color scheme that complements the room’s overall aesthetic. For example, a pop of color in throw pillows can liven up a neutral living room, while a strategically placed mirror can make a small space feel larger.

By accessorizing wisely, you can significantly enhance the appeal of your home to potential buyers. These DIY home staging tips are simple yet effective ways to prepare your home for the market and make a lasting impression.

6. Focus on the Kitchen and Bathroom

Kitchens and bathrooms are often key selling points in a home, so giving them extra attention can pay off. In the kitchen, ensure that all surfaces are clean and clutter-free. Remove most small appliances and anything else that takes up counter space. Organize cabinets and pantries, as buyers will likely look inside. Consider inexpensive updates like painting cabinets or replacing hardware if your cabinets or countertops are outdated. Ensure all fixtures and appliances are spotless and in good working order.

In the bathroom, cleanliness and simplicity are crucial. Remove any personal items and keep essential products neatly organized. Freshen up the space by re-caulking the tub or sink if necessary, and consider updating small fixtures like towel bars or a toilet paper holder for a modern touch. Bright, neutral-colored towels and a new shower curtain can make the space feel clean and inviting.

7. Address Minor Repairs

Addressing minor repairs is crucial in staging your home, as it can significantly impact a buyer’s perception. Walk through your home and take note of all the small issues you may have overlooked, like a leaky faucet, a loose doorknob, or a squeaky hinge. These might seem insignificant, but they can give buyers the impression that the home has been poorly maintained. Fixing these issues is typically inexpensive and can be done without professional help, but the impact on your home’s appeal can be substantial.

8. Create a Sense of Comfort

Creating a sense of comfort is essential in making your home feel welcoming and lived-in, albeit in a highly polished way. This can be achieved through the use of soft textures and warm colors. Add plush towels to the bathroom, soft blankets to the living area, and comfortable throw pillows to sofas and chairs. Make sure each room is well-tempered, not too hot or cold.

Consider the ambiance of the home as well. A gentle, inviting scent (like baking cookies or fresh linen) can make a home feel more welcoming, but be careful not to overdo it with strong fragrances. Soft, ambient music playing in the background during showings can also create a pleasant atmosphere.

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