The Best ROI Improvements for Your Home

The Best ROI Improvements for Your Home

You may want to improve your home for many reasons, but one of the most common is that you are trying to optimize your home’s appeal before selling. Depending on your home's condition, you may need to focus on investing in large-scale home improvements. Or, if your home is more up-to-date, you might only need a few minor adjustments. Here are some ways to get the best return on investment through home improvement. 

Minor Bathroom Remodel

Small-scale remodelings of your bathroom can make all the difference in convincing homebuyers to purchase your home. There are lots of ways that you can make subtle improvements to your bathroom without spending more than necessary. 

You can refresh the paint on your walls and cover up any cracks. If you have squeaky drawers or rusty knobs, you can also replace those. New mirrors and lights can make all the difference when presenting your bathroom in its most picturesque form. Ensure your mirrors and lights are bright enough for optimal visibility. Add extra storage shelves or baskets to declutter the area to make your bathroom look as neat and organized as possible. These simple methods can be incredibly effective in appealing to homebuyers.


Landscaping is a surefire way to improve your home’s appearance to potential buyers. Again, there are ways to dramatically elevate your home’s landscape and subtler methods. More minor improvements include adding colorful flowers or plants to your yard, watering your grass consistently, and ensuring your lawn is well-groomed without weeds and cut in precise lines. 

More significant changes to landscaping can completely transform how your home is valued. One of the most promising methods of outdoor improvement is adding a pool to your backyard, or at least other water fixtures like waterfalls that add tranquility and beauty to your outdoor space. Similarly, creating an outdoor patio or deck where visitors can sit comfortably on warm days is another great strategy for attracting buyers who want to space to entertain. In addition, you could invest in a firepit or a swing set to appeal to families with children.

Minor Kitchen Remodel

Minor kitchen remodels are another crucial aspect of ensuring your home is in its best condition. Kitchens are important for most homebuyers who plan to spend lots of time cooking or entertaining. Thus, prioritizing ensuring that your kitchen looks updated is not a bad idea.

Similarly to bathrooms, adding storage units to your kitchen can help it look much cleaner and more organized. Adding shelves or drawer divides for your pots, pans, and utensils is a great first step toward kitchen remodeling. In addition, you should update your kitchen appliances so that they are operating smoothly, this includes your refrigerator, microwave, and stovetops. 

Attic Bedroom Conversion

While attics can be used for storage, a space in your home full of unused items and junk is not the best strategy for gaining homebuyers’ approval. Instead, consider altering your attic to serve as a functional space within your home. One of the most common attic remodels is converting one’s attic into a bedroom. If you insulate the attic properly, ventilate the area, and install suitable lighting, an attic can be the perfect place for a comfortable bedroom. 

Major Bathroom Remodel

A major bathroom remodel may be necessary for homeowners needing more drastic changes to upgrade their bathroom(s). For instance, older showers that are small and outdated can be a significant burden. Consider installing a new shower with sliding glass doors, a rain shower head, and a spacious tub room. 

Also, many homebuyers will install a new vanity with more drawers and larger counter space. If your wallpaper or floors are older, replacing these with more modern designs could also benefit you. Double-check to make sure your toilet and faucet are operating well also. If not, you can replace these. 

Major Kitchen Remodel

In addition to minor kitchen remodel techniques, for the best return on investment with home improvement, you should also consider making major kitchen updates based on the state of your kitchen. Major renovations include installing new floors for more modern patterns or new countertops and cabinets as well. Neutral, serene colors have become more popular recently so you can upgrade accordingly. 

You can also evaluate whether it would be in your best interest to do some structural planning as well. Open-concept homes are very popular, so knocking down walls between the kitchen and dining room, for example, could be a worthy investment. You could also add a breakfast island or increase counter space for more room to eat and cook. 

Basement Remodel

Just as upgrading your attic can increase your home’s value, remodeling your basement is an excellent way to guarantee a higher return on investment. Most basements serve well as an extra living room. Many people add televisions, pool tables, bar areas, and even gyms to their basements to maximize their home’s value. 

Replace Windows

Though this may seem simple, replacing windows can revitalize your home. For one, newer windows look more pleasing to prospective home buyers. They also reassure buyers that they will not have to replace the windows if they move in. If your home has few windows, you might consider installing big windows to let natural light into the house. Also, new windows are more energy-efficient, eliminating drafts that let in the outside air.

These are some of the best tricks to improve your home’s value before selling. If you want to put your home up for sale in Boston, contact Kim Covino today for all your real estate expertise needs.

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